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Crazy 68% OFF on Beardo Ultimate Perfume Trio

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Your fragrance speaks volumes so make it loud and clear with the Ultimate Perfume Trio.

Get 68% Off On Beardo Ultimate Perfume Trio
Crazy 68% Off On Beardo Ultimate Perfume Trio 29 Beardo December 2022

The Ultimate Perfume Trio from Beardo is the perfect gift for any man. The three different scents will help you set the mood for every part of your day, making sure that you are never without a scent that speaks volumes about who you are and what you stand for.

The perfumes have been made with natural ingredients so they’re good for your skin, with no harmful chemicals involved. They also have long lasting effects so if you want to make an impression on someone special or need something capable of holding its own against strong smells like smoke or garlic, then this set is exactly what you need!

This set of three fragrances – Whiskey Smoke, Godfather and Origin

1756 2 1 Beardo December 2022
Crazy 68% Off On Beardo Ultimate Perfume Trio 30 Beardo December 2022
1758 3 1 Beardo December 2022
Crazy 68% Off On Beardo Ultimate Perfume Trio 31 Beardo December 2022
1757 4 1 Beardo December 2022
Crazy 68% Off On Beardo Ultimate Perfume Trio 32 Beardo December 2022

Whiskey Smoke is ideal for the morning. It’s a fresh scent that’s perfect for when you’re getting ready to start your day!

Godfather is perfect for the afternoon. This masculine fragrance evokes feelings of power and confidence with notes of cedarwood and patchouli mixed with tobacco leafs, leather accord and vanilla bean hummus.

Origin is ideal for the evening. This unisex scent has notes of blackcurrant buds with hints of red berries, oak mosses and woody accords at its core topped off by creamy caramelized notes, heliotrope flower petals & tonka bean creaminess

Say hello to the bold and spicy notes of Whiskey Smoke

1764 11 1 Beardo December 2022

This is a spicy fragrance, with woody and masculine overtones. The sweet notes of honey and caramel are balanced with the smoky smell of whiskey. This scent is perfect for those who want to project strength and confidence in their appearance, but still want to smell great!

Transition into the subtle sophistication of Godfather to last you through the day.

Godfather is the ultimate everyday fragrance. It has a subtle, sophisticated blend of sandalwood and cedar that’s great for any occasion.

You can literally wear this scent anywhere and everywhere and look good doing it.

1765 12 1 Beardo December 2022

Origin for a lasting impression.

1767 13 1 Beardo December 2022

Product Features: 3 different scents – Nightfall, Sensuality and Smokiness. Made with natural ingredients only (no phthalates or parabens)

Perfumes are fragrant and sensual. Their woody and smoky notes give off a mood of sophistication, but they also have that special something that makes them perfect for nightfall. The Beardo Ultimate Perfume Trio is an excellent gift idea for the man in your life who loves to smell good.

The perfect gift for any occasion, this perfume set makes an ideal present for your friends, family or even yourself!

The perfect gift for any occasion, this perfume set makes an ideal present for your friends, family or even yourself! Make an impression that lasts with these sophisticated fragrances from Beardo!

Beardo scents are packaged in a luxury box and come presented with a hand-tied bow.

How to apply perfume?

How To Apply Perfume
Crazy 68% Off On Beardo Ultimate Perfume Trio 33 Beardo December 2022
  1. Apply perfume before you get dressed.
  2. Apply it to your pulse points.
  3. Rub elbows with yourself to distribute the scent evenly.
  4. Don’t forget the back of your neck and behind your ears.
  5. Apply and then wait for about a minute before dressing up so that the smell settles and does not evaporate immediately.
  6. After you’re done applying the perfume, take a step back and let it settle before wearing anything on top of it.
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