5 Best Air Fryer In India

What Is Air Fryer?

Air fryer is a small countertop convection oven designed to fry food without soaking it in oil. A fan circulates hot air at high speed, creating a crunchy crust through browning reactions such as the Maillard reaction. Some product analysts say that traditional convection ovens or convection toasters produce better results, or that air frying is essentially convection cooking with a new modern name.

It use hot air circulation to cook foods that would otherwise have been soaked in oil. The cooking chamber of the air fryer radiates heat from a heating element near the food and a fan circulates the hot air. Temperatures can be as high as 250 ° C (482 ° F), depending on the model. Cooking oil is not used in excess in an air fryer. Cooking time can be reduced by 20% or more in an air fryer compared to an unventilated oven. [citation needed?]

Traditional frying methods use the Maillard effect at a temperature between 140 and 165 ° C (284 to 329 ° F) by completely immersing it in hot oil above the boiling point of water. The air fryer works by coating the desired food with a thin layer of oil, while the circulating air is heated to 200 ° C (392 ° F) to heat the food and start the reaction. [6] As a result, the appliance is capable of browning foods such as chips, chicken, fish, steak, cheeseburgers, French fries or candy using 70% to 80% less oil than a conventional deep fryer.

Most air fryers have temperature and timer settings that allow for more precise cooking. Food is usually cooked in a basket placed on a drip tray. The basket must be shaken periodically, manually or via an integrated shaker. Convection ovens and air fryers are similar in cooking methods, but air fryers are generally smaller and emit less heat.

Foods cooked with conventional frying methods do not have the same taste and texture as air frying techniques, as the oil used in traditional frying penetrates the food in larger quantities (or seasonings) and adds its own flavor. Some hot air fryers come with additional accessories for specific cooking types, such as pizza pans, skewer racks, wire racks and cake drums. Like standard convection ovens, air fryers can also cook, steam and dry food.

iBELL AF80BJ 8 Litre 1700 W

https://amzn.to/3Ge05JJ   iBELL AF80BJ 8 Litre 1700 W Electric Fryer with 8 Cooking Presets, Smart Rapid Air Technology, Timer Function with Automatic Switch-off & Fully Adjustable Temperature Control (Black)

About Product: IBELL Premium with 8 Presets, Smart Rapid Air Technology. Touch controls and digital display with automatic timer switch-off. 1700W | Capacity: 8 liters | Power supply: 220~240V | Advanced timer function and temperature control function | handle in stainless steel. Place the appliance on a stable, horizontal, and flat surface that is also heat-resistant, placing the basket correctly in the pan. Do not fill the pan with oil or other liquids. 1 year standard warranty + 1 year additional warranty on free registration


PHILIPS Digital Air Fryer

https://amzn.to/3vFSJtB PHILIPS HD9252/90 with Touch Panel, uses up to 90% less fat, 7 Pre-set Menu, 1400W, 4.1 Ltr, with Rapid Air Technology (Black), Large

About Product:  Philips brings the world’s leading air fryer to everyone’s home.  Enjoys foods that are healthy, crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside. The healthiest way to fry, cook and grill! Little or no oil is needed to ensure perfect texture and delicious results! Unique design for delicious, low-fat cooking results. The touch panel with 7 preset menus allows you to cook at the touch of a button. 

Time and temperature controls manually adjustable quickly and easily. With Keep Warm mode, enjoy your meal whenever you’re ready. Easy to clean and produces less odor than a normal deep fryer. It comes with automatic shutdown, cold outer wall, ready signal, power on light, LED display, time and temperature control and is dishwasher safe.

philips - Koopawns

Havells Prolife Grande Air Fryer

https://amzn.to/2ZpupjU Havells Prolife Grande  with Aero Crisp Technology 1700 Watt (Black)

About Product: Havells Air fryer lets you fry, bake, toast, roast, grill as well as reheat the food with hot air, keeping it up to 85% less oily over traditional deep frying. It features a patented round basket with slots at side wall for better air circulation. Havells airfryer comes with an integrated timer with an auto-off and a temperature control function.

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Inalsa Stainless Steel Housing Air Fryer

https://amzn.to/3B7FRgQ Inalsa Stainless Steel Housing  Digital 6.5 L Sous Chef-1650 Watt with 8 Preset Programs, Variable Temperature Control & Auto Shake Reminder (Black, Silver).

About Product: Air Fry Digital’s 8 preset programs will allow you to cook frozen potatoes, natural potatoes, all kinds of vegetables, chicken, sausage, meat, fish, cakes and much more. Fryer with LED display and intelligent touch controls. Set the time to 1 to 60 minutes and the temperature between 40 and 200 °C. It has a buzzer at the end of cooking, a handle that is cool to the touch and a non-slip handle. 

Basket capacity 5.5 liters and pan capacity 6.5 liters which allows you to make 1200 grams of potatoes which is equal to 7/8 servings. It has a power of 1650 W which ensures fast and uniform cooking. Cool touch handle with basket release button Smoke vent to absorb unwanted odors and fumes. Overheating protection protection. Auto power off and auto vibrate reminder. Variable temperature control and timer up to 60 minutes.

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Glen 3043 3.2 Liters 1350W Rapid Air Fryer

https://amzn.to/2Zd9pNv Glen 3043 3.2 Liters 1350W Rapid Air Fryer, Black

About Product: A fast fryer with a 3.2 liter capacity that can perform multiple tasks including frying, baking and roasting. Fry the crisp golden brown finish and cut down on calories – in fries, snacks, chicken, burgers, meat and more. Comes with a removable cooking basket with non-stick coating that is easy to clean and maintain. 

A cool touch handle is also provided for better grip and easy shaking and flipping of the material. It comes with a 30-minute timer and a variable thermostat, which sets the temperature from 80-200 ° C for perfect results. A safety lock is provided to prevent accidental release of the frying basket. With 1350W of power, it grills, roasts and fries food perfectly. Warranty: 2 years | Includes: deep fryer, instruction manual and recipe book.


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